The 28th Amendment

Our political system has deteriorated into a system of legalized bribery and extortion.
We the people are faced with a government that is gridlocked and incapable of governing. No matter who we elect, no matter how inspirational the ideas, no laws will be passed, no problems will be resolved, nothing will get done. No one believes any longer in the possibility of compromise and good governance.
    Five Issues in one amendment maximizes voter support, and brings together both left and right. The Constitutional Amendment provides for the public funding of elections, gun ownership rights, gay rights, the ERA for women, and revoking birthright citizenship.
    our nation is full of hard-working citizens who deserve an opportunity to work in dignity, send their kids to school, and retire in dignity. My work is geared toward making sure our nation rewards our people for their efforts and gives them the chance to succeed.
    The United States is the indispensable nation, and to ensure our continued success we must fundamentally change our political system,or suffer the consequences.
The 28th Amendment
Lincoln famously observed that Republics do not last, often they break apart under the stress of factionalism. Our Republic is in the process of breaking apart due to factionalism, political dis-function, and economic inequality. We are declaring by our presence here today that it is our intent to publish a list of common sense reforms and laws to rally around the greatest number of supporters to fix this sad state of affairs.